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Shetland is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful island groups in the world. At the very edge of the UK, it is just 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle - as far north as St Petersburg, Russia, or Anchorage, Alaska. Its unique location makes for a very special food and drink offering.

Lapped by warm ocean currents, Shetland's pure, clean waters are some of the most productive in the world, producing fish and seafood of exceptional quality, in demand worldwide. Shetland’s heather-coated moorland is the home to the unique native Shetland lamb, which enjoys the protection of the European Union’s Protected Designation of Origin status, in exactly the same way as Parma ham or Stilton cheese. And right across Shetland, our food and drink producers are producing the highest quality products with care and integrity in one of the world’s most pristine environments.

A Taste of Shetland proudly promotes Shetland’s wonderful produce to the world. It is part of Shetland Food and Drink, the membership organisation which represents Shetland’s leading producers. Our members are honoured to represent Shetland - its heritage, its identity, its independent spirit. Shetland has a fresh unspoilt environment which is largely unequalled in the UK and our members are driven by this unique provenance. We are extremely proud to work together to bring Shetland’s wonderful produce to the widest possible audience and, with that, grow production profile and profitability for this, and future, generations.

Shetland Food and Drink’s role spans both local promotion and development of markets outside of Shetland. We bring together a rich and diverse membership to celebrate and market Shetland’s produce. Shetland has, in the past, been low key about its industry-leading achievements in the food and drink sector and the breadth of producers on the Islands. Shetland Food and Drink’s role is not only proudly promote and market Shetland produce both locally and in external markets, but to fuel collaboration, share expertise, educate and inform.

Membership is available to all - whether you are an individual who would like to support Shetland’s local food and drink or a company involved in the industry. If you are a producer based in Shetland, please contact us for details of how to become a full member. Associate memberships are also available for community groups and companies linked to the sector but who don't sell food and drink directly. If you would like more information about the membership packages available, to sign up or renew an existing membership, please visit our Become a Member page. Sign up is quick and easy.

If you would like to keep up to date with what's happening on the Shetland food and drink scene and find out what Taste of Shetland is doing you can follow us for recipes, videos, member news, events and more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or sign up for our newsletter below.

Shetland Food and Drink is able to do what it does through the active engagement of our members, but also thanks to our funders and sponsors. From now until 2023, our work will be financed by the Shetland Islands Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scotland Food and Drink. Without them it would not be possible for us to work for the sector we are so passionate about.

We have also had substantial support from the private sector in Shetland, who support all aspects of our activity. Their commitment to us is vital in our continued success and we want to thank them here.

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