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Celebrating Shetland’s outstanding Seafood.

The catch is different every day.

Shetland lies at the heart of the richest and most pristine fishing grounds in Europe. The waters around Shetland provide a bountiful harvest of seafood. This includes sustainably farmed salmon and mussels, and wild caught fish and shellfish.

The pure, clean waters around Shetland are home to an unusually wide range of fish species. Over the past decade the whitefish fleet has landed at least fifty-five different species, including cod, haddock, whiting, monkfish and flatfish.

Shetland also has an impressive pelagic fleet comprising some of Scotland’s largest and most modern vessels. Pelagic fish are shoaling, migratory species, such as mackerel, herring and blue whiting, that live near the surface of the sea or in mid-water.

The inshore fleet, composed largely of small, single-handed craft, focus on outstanding shellfish such as lobsters, velvet crabs and scallops.

Remarkably, almost half the fish landed in the UK is caught within 100 nautical miles of Shetland.

Our naturally pristine environment and sparkling pure waters are what make Shetland seafood stand out. For top chefs and discerning customers the world over Shetland is synonymous with the very best premium seafood available.

Shetland Fish available when you see this logo.

To find out more about the local catch have a look at our interactive Wir Kinda Fish page. Click on a species to find out more. Order a print copy of our fish poster and impress your fishmonger with an order for a wider variety of fish.

If you're looking for ways to source and enjoy Shetland seafood, you can download our recipe cards or have a look at the map for Taste of Shetland's Seafood Provenance Scheme. You can download the leaflet and map from our Local Seafood Champions page, or just look out for the Taste of Shetland seafood logo when you're out and about.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, whether you want Shetland's top chefs to prepare it for you or to cook it yourself, whether you you want to buy the freshest fish here in Shetland or from further afield - we want you to be able to really enjoy all the seafood delights Shetland has to offer.

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