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We can all play our part in guaranteeing sustainable fishing for the future. It's easy if we broaden the range of fish species we eat!

There are so many marvellous kinds of fish to try here in Shetland. All fantastically fresh, straight from the pristine waters that surround the isles.

Whether you're cooking for yourself, a family or a party, fish is always healthy and nutritious but manages to feel a little bit decadent too, even if you're using some of the great cheaper, but equally tasty, types of fish available.

When cooking fish you should always build a little bit of flexibility into your menu planning. It's a bad idea to set your heart on a specific recipe only to find that the type of fish you need isn't available. Instead, go to your fishmonger with an open mind and let what's freshest and most tempting guide your purchasing choices. Then find a recipe to suit your fish rather than trying to do the opposite!

Here we bring you four delicious recipes by Marian Armitage to tempt you away from the usual haddock, whiting and cod.

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