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Sandy Fraser has been crofting in Culswick for the best part of 35 years. He has a small high-health herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.

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The breeding selection at Culswick focuses on returning to the original characteristics of the Aberdeen Angus, producing a moderate sized animal which is hardier and better suited to its natural surroundings in Shetland. Breeding an animal suited to its surroundings is fundamental to animal health, contentment and the quality and flavour of the meat.

The herd is grass-fed and wintered on home grown forage, which means that the whole farm has a very low carbon footprint and the meat has excellent nutritional values. It’s red meat but with a green attitude. Animals are slaughtered at the local abattoir and hung for a minimum of 21 days.

The croft is also home to a small flock of purebred Native Shetland sheep. A hardy, heather-fed animal, kept for its fine wool and delicious meat. Native Shetland lamb holds protected denomination of origin status.


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