Bigton Farm

The Budge family have been farming at Bigton for generations. They produce premium quality beef and lamb in one of the most scenically spectacular areas Shetland has to offer.

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Bigton Farm

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Their sheep graze on beautiful St Ninian’s Isle for most of the year, while their cattle spend the summer over on the East coast of Shetland, grazing a healthy mix of wild flowers and grasses. Aimee and Kirsty Budge take great pride in the high welfare standards the farm is run to. They are QMS registered and recently took part in the Monitor Farm initiative.

They produce their own livestock feed, wintering their animals on home grown silage and barley. This makes for an environmentally sustainable product, as they do not import feed. It also improves the final quality and flavour of the meat as their livestock are eating home grown quality grain and forage.

The farm often participate in local events, keep an eye on their social media to see what they’re up to. They welcome visitors throughout the year and sell beef boxes direct, please contact them direct for details.


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