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Johnson & Wood Ltd. - Da Voe Bakery

Johnson and Wood Ltd. - Da Voe Bakery celebrated its centenary in 2015 and is as widely famed today for its bannocks, pies and biscuits as it once was for its unsliced white loaf and ship’s biscuits! It is the oldest commercial bakery in Shetland and still going as strong as ever.

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Da Voe Bakery nestles at the heart of the of the beautiful village of lower Voe. It began life in 1915 at the request of the Royal Navy, whose men were bunkered at Swarbacks Minn. The Navy needed to feed hungry sailors who were part of a blockade operation to prevent supplies reaching Germany during the First World War. The Voe based entrepreneurs T. M. Adie and Sons, saw an opportunity to diversify their business and started the bakery.

As the economy changed and ordinary people began to buy bread too, the Voe Bakery became an important part of a large thriving village, comprised of fishing drifters, knitting and weaving sheds and a carpentry workshop for making boat and farm equipment.

They have continued to supply bakery goods to Shetland for over 100 years. You can find their bread, cakes, biscuits, bannocks, tattie scones and pies in country shops and all over Shetland. The inimitable Voe bannock is an integral part of many celebrations in Shetland, there are many Wedding suppers and Up Helly Aa refreshments which would be considered incomplete without the requisite feast of Voe bannocks!


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