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Gremista Farm is situated at the north end of Lerwick. The farm has been in the competent hands of Eric Graham and his family for over 20 years, running it to the highest environmental standards with an eye to sustainability for many generations to come.

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The 1,100 acre farm, along with a few other parcels of land, is home to over 900 breeding ewes, including flocks of purebred native Shetland sheep and larger crossbred stock, and about 30 breeding cows, most of them pedigree Shorthorn. The majority of the farm's lamb and beef is sold locally through the local wholesaler JW Gray, and local butcher The Scalloway Meat Co.

Supporting sustainable local supply chains and promoting the very best of Shetland produce is a the heart of everything EG Farming Ltd does. Eric is a staunch supporter of the shop local movement and believes that everyone should be fully aware of the value and heritage of Shetland lamb and beef. His life's calling was clear from a young age, he started working at the Shetland Marts and helping out on the Ness of Sound Farm at the age of 12. He is an all round champion of all things Shetland, including our fine produce. A respected, active member of the local farming and crofting community, he is also a voluntary director for Shetland Food and Drink Ltd.


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