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Hoversta Farm on Bressay has been in the capable hands of the Westmoreland family since 1962. It’s a mixed farm breeding both cattle and sheep, producing top quality beef, lamb and mutton.

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Matthew Westmoreland took over the farm from his uncle and has been working hard in recent years to steer the family business in a new direction. He rears mixed Angus and Shorthorn cattle and flocks of purebred native Shetland sheep as well as Shetland crossbred with Aberfield and Lleyn.

With both his cattle and his sheep, he is breeding for a moderate-sized hardy animal. This makes it possible for all his stock to thrive in Shetland’s harsh conditions, on natural grazing. He winters the animals outdoors for as long as possible, which leads to happier, healthier stock. Their winter feeding consists, almost entirely, of home-grown forage such as silage and neeps (swede), lowering the farm’s carbon footprint and resulting in superior quality grass-fed meat with unparalleled flavour and nutritional qualities.

Animal welfare and the farm’s environmental impact are always top priorities for Matthew. Hoversta is QMS certified and sells most of its stock through national channels to consumers looking for the finest quality UK product.


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