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Suze Walker is a qualified medical herbalist and Island Botanicals are her hand blended range of unique loose leaf herbal teas, finishing salts and syrups.

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Launched in 2018, Island Botanicals is Shetland's first herbal tea company. The company is owned and run by Suze Walker, an experienced, qualified medical herbalist. She is passionate about growing herbs and tries to incorporate as many locally grown or sustainably wild harvested plants into her blends as possible, as well as promoting the use of food as medicine.

Suze Walker has created a range of loose leaf herbal teas, finishing salts and other products, which have been carefully blended to taste great and make you feel good. The plants she uses have been sustainably sourced and are organic where possible. Suze also tries to use plants which she has grown herself or wild harvested locally.

The range of teas includes blends for energy (Pick me up), relaxation (Flower power), immune support (Toughen up & Burn baby burn), digestion (Fire in the belly), cleansing (Begin again) and a mix for the urinary system (Go with the flow). Flavoursome finishing salts are made using her own blends of herbs and plants to give any dish a special lift, whilst also bringing you the health benefits of the plants used.

Gift cards are also available and can be spent on products or for a personal consultation with Suze.


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