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At the crossroads of the North Sea and North-east Atlantic, Lerwick Harbour is Britain’s “Top Port” – the most northerly commercial port in the country and is a key component in the islands’ economy. Strategically located within Europe's richest fishing grounds, Lerwick is one of the UK’s main centres for landing, selling, processing and shipment of seafood.

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Lerwick has a well-deserved reputation for product quality and proximity to the fishing grounds which contributes to attracting fishing boats to land in Shetland. Over 2,000 fishing vessels visit annually, including a modern local fleet, with landings over 38,000 tonnes of pelagic fish, white fish and shellfish, valued at over £48 million.

A new state-of-the-art temperature controlled fishmarket houses an electronic auction which operates five days a week, providing onshore weighing and grading of various high-value species which are processed locally, or shipped overnight to mainland buyers.

Daily lifeline ferries and livestock transportation contributes to the islands’ vibrant food and tourism sectors. Many other industries are also supported including cruise, yachts, cargo, oil & gas, decommissioning and renewables.


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