Marian Armitage

Cook, foodie, award-winning author and chair of Taste of Shetland, Marian is the best ambassador Shetland food and drink could hope for.

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Inspired first by her mother and then her domestic science teacher, Marian decided on a career as a cookery teacher at the age of 12. She went on to gain experience in a diverse range of culinary fields and then to fulfil her childhood ambition, Marian worked as a Domestic Science teacher for many years.

Teaching young people from diverse backgrounds, first in Norwich and then in inner-city London, opened her eyes to vibrant and exotic foods and she became fascinated with the variety of food from different places and cultures.

In recent years, Marian has reconnected with home and created a permanent base in Shetland. Writing her acclaimed cookery book, Shetland Food and Cooking, reintroduced her to Shetland’s traditional cookery as well as all the newer developments.

Her second book, Food Made in Shetland, was published in 2022.

Marian is the chair of the Shetland Food and Drink Association, Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Ambassador, and a prolific food writer and campaigner. She regularly participates in a range of events aimed at showcasing Shetland’s local produce.

“I want to celebrate Shetland and share my enthusiasm and pride for my home and its wonderful food.”

Her books are available from the Taste of Shetland online shop.


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