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Shetland lies at the heart of the richest and most pristine fishing grounds in Europe. Small, inshore vessels, like Arnold Goodlad’s May Lily, champion the very best and most sustainable of Shetland’s wild caught fish.

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Based in Hamnavoe, Burra, one of Shetland’s thriving fishing communities, May Lily (LK 607) is a 6.4-metre inshore fishing vessel. She is owned and skippered by Arnold Goodlad, a knowledgable stalwart of Shetland’s inshore fleet with a lifetime’s experience of local waters. During the summer months the May Lily mainly works the mackerel fisheries.

Mackerel is a truly excellent fish, best eaten straight from the sea, as fresh as you can possibly get it. As early as 1698, Sunday trading was allowed for mackerel as its flavour changes so markedly the longer it is out of the water. Anyone lucky enough to have eaten mackerel cooked straight from the sea knows it is an experience not to be missed. Rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, it is a healthy, tasty treat whether you prefer it baked, grilled or poached. Try it with some gooseberry sauce or unsweetened poached rhubarb.

Arnold Goodlad can supply restaurants, cafes and individuals directly with specific quantities, large or small, of the freshest fish to be had. Call him to place an order and find out what really fresh fish is all about.


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