Sandwick Baking Company

One of Shetland’s oldest traditional family bakeries, Sandwick Baking Co. has been handcrafting breads, cakes and bakes for over 100 years. Often using traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

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Monday-Friday: 7-6:30
Saturday: 8-6:30
Sunday: 2-5

The bakery prides itself on its traditional Shetland recipes. Their water biscuits, butter biscuits, plain oatcakes, wheaten scones and traditional girdle bannocks are all made using the original recipes and methods that were in use when the bakery opened.

They still produce beremeal bannocks too. These are made using the ancient grain, bere, once part of Shetlanders' staple diet. The flour is quite similar to rye flour, and produces a flavoursome bannock. These are made using their original recipe, in large whole rounds or individual bannocks. You can also sample their artisan breads including soda bread, cottage loaf and wholemeal farl. Sandwick softies are a firm favourite for a bacon roll worth its salt, or in its sweet incarnation: The famous Sandwick Cream Cookie!

Their confectioners produce a variety of cakes and fancies such as gingerbread, Albert squares, German buns and apple charlottes. All made by hand, with no additives or preservatives, many of them from the handwritten recipes used by Sandwick’s first bakers. Steak, mince, chicken and macaroni pies are staples, freshly prepared from the very best raw ingredients in the ‘Pie Room’ every day. New products are constantly development, try their pork and black pudding sausage rolls.

Sandwick Baking Company works hard to ensure that all its products are of the highest quality and are environmentally sound. In the products that include palm oil, it is ‘Certified Sustainable Palm Oil’, ensuring that it is ethically sourced - protecting the environment and supporting farmers and their families. They currently use plant-based compostable packaging for their very popular snack products and will soon be plastic free for all their wrapping & packaging.

The bakery kitchen turns out freshly prepared sandwiches, filled rolls, wraps and baguettes, keeping their adjacent shop well stocked. Local regulars, and visitors in search of an impromptu picnic, will never go hungry in Sandwick.

The company also supply shops, cafés and restaurants throughout Shetland. Long-standing members of the Scottish Bakers Federation, all their staff are time served, qualified masters of their trade.


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