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Scholland Farm produces superior quality beef, lamb and hogget in a stunningly beautiful area of Shetland’s south mainland. Their meat is available through local craft butchers.

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Many generations of the Leslie family have farmed Scholland, since at least 1860. Today the farm is in the capable hands of Jamie Leslie, who maybe the fifth or even the sixth generation of his family to run the farm. He runs a mixed farm, rearing Aberdeen Angus cattle and a range of crossbreed sheep. Scholland Farm is QMS certified and produces top quality beef and lamb.

Their livestock are almost entirely grass-fed and are wintered outside for as long as possible. This improves both animal health and welfare, as well as the final flavour and quality of the meat. The farm sits on sandy soil, which means that it drains well and provides stock with good dry pasture even in Shetland’s long wet winter months. The farm produces as much of their own winter forage as possible, working hand in hand with nature to protect Shetland’s pristine environment.

100% of the farm’s beef is sold locally, principally through the Sound Butcher’s. Some of their lamb and hogget are sold locally, farm to fork, while the rest goes into the national supply chain, destined for discerning customers looking for the finest quality Scotch lamb.


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