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Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group - Brae

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Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group - Brae is a Cooperative Shellfish Processor, supplying the finest quality shellfish to food businesses throughout the UK. Based in Brae, Shetland, in a cutting edge processing plant, SSMG-Brae are the premier supplier of shellfish products to the UK wholesale sector.

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Trading mainly in mussels and scallops from Shetland, the business also trades in other species such as oysters and crab. Their member mussel farms are located in the pristine seas and sheltered sea lochs around the Shetland coastline. Their high quality mussels and scallops are among the most sustainable and lowest environmental impact proteins you could possibly choose to eat.

The mussels are sustainably farmed. They are grown on ropes, drawing sustenance from what's already naturally available in the environment. Their scallops are caught from small, inshore, day boats in the North Sea around Shetland.

SSMG-Brae processes upwards of 35 tonnes of mussels per week and their local landings of scallops employ 30 people locally. Managed by George Hirbakis, the business unit in Brae is part of the national Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, a cooperative of mussel and oyster farmers.

The company is the top producer and supplier of premium quality shellfish to the UK retail market and beyond to the continent. The quality of SSMG mussels, scallops, oysters and other shellfish is second to none. The key to their success lies in the passion and dedication of the farmers and fishermen, who cultivate and catch the produce they sell in harmony with the pristine environment they live and work in.

A highly innovative business, their sister plant, in Bellshill, processes mussels sourced from Shetland and the West Coast of Scotland, producing added value products available in supermarkets across the UK.


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