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Seafood Shetland was formed in 2003, merging the Shetland Fish Processors’ Association (SFPA) and Shetland Shellfish Growers’ Association (SSGA). The new organisation represents the interests of companies involved in all aspects of fish processing and shellfish growing in Shetland.

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The seafood industry has supported generation after generation of Shetlander, protecting our rural communities and remaining an integral part of our lives. From our wild, pure environment – in the heart of the rich North Atlantic fishing grounds – Shetland provides the world with seafood of the very highest quality.

Less than two hours after landing or being harvested, the pick of the seafood landed here is swiftly processed to capture quality and freshness, and create the superb product for which the islands are renowned.

Shetland supplies wild-caught whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish, as well as farmed salmon and mussels to discerning markets across the UK, Europe and beyond. Year-round, Shetland seafood is exported all over the world. Excellent handling, processing and distribution methods guarantee that products arrive in prime condition.

As well as farming, harvesting, and supplying fish and shellfish to every corner of the globe, award-winning local Seafood Shetland processors have created some of the finest and most innovative products available.


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