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Shetland Farm Dairies is a co-operatively owned dairy with all of our milk supplied from the dairy farms of Shetland. Our cows live a fantastic life, breathing in clean fresh Shetland air and tended by farmers who know each and every one of them.

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Shetland Farm Dairies

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We produce whole, semi-skimmed, and skimmed milk in three sizes producing it fresh from the farm within our small processing operation and delivering it out to customers across Shetland.

Our cream is produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality gets from our cows to your plate, with no additives – just real dairy cream. From our delicious cream we also make butter, produced each day in small handcrafted batches. Care is taken over every drop, which reflects in the purity of our end product. You can buy our butter from this website's online shop .

An important ingredient in every Shetland fridge is, of course, buttermilk, used to produce the soft, flavoursome Shetland Bannock. Our skilled staff produce small quantities of this delicious and versatile product, a great addition to a morning smoothie and used in so many tasty recipes.


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