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Shetland Islands Council School Meals Service

Schools are recognised as having a key role to play in influencing the dietary habits of children, both through the curriculum and through the food that is provided for children during the school day. It is vital that close attention is paid to their dietary habits as the food that they eat directly influences health, wellbeing and attainment at school. Hungry children cannot learn!

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The health and wellbeing of the children of Shetland are at the heart of the SIC School Meals Service, they are dedicated to providing appetising, nutritious meals for children whilst they are at school. The Shetland Islands Council are committed to using local produce in local school meals.

The Schools Health Promotion and Nutrition (Scotland) Act 2007 and the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008 build on the achievements for Hungry for Success by establishing standards for all food and drinks in schools. Shetland Islands Council is committed to improving the standards for food in school and is taking a whole school approach to food and will be aiming to work closely with Shetland Food and Drink to further common goals.

Within Shetland Islands Council the new standardised menu offers a wider menu choice across Shetland. This menu is the culmination of work that includes comprehensive recipe and menu planning, including consultation with the NHS and the Scottish Government’s Health & Nutrition Inspectorate. Menu development sessions will be held with parents, pupils and school catering staff to help decide what will be on the following year’s menus. To encourage our pupils to eat more vegetarian dishes schools offer a Meat Free Monday initiative. In order to be compliant with the new 2020 government regulations, the frequency of red meat and processed red meat has been reduced, as well as cutting down on traditional high sugar, high fat puddings.


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