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Shetland Livestock Marketing Group

Shetland's abattoir and mart are essential elements of both local agriculture and Shetland’s economy.

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Shetland Rural Centre

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Monday-Friday: 9.30-12.30

Having a local mart provides Shetland’s farmers and crofters with the opportunity to market their produce to best advantage, allowing true market price to be reflected in sales. In conjunction with ANM Group, SLMG Ltd have various sales throughout the year. Their main sale season is August to November with additional sales in February and April. The Sales are mainly of Cattle and Sheep but they also have an annual pony sale in October and the Shetland Flock Book Sale in September. There are also Machinery Sales when there is a demand.

The abattoir is a fundamental link in creating a sustainable local supply chain for the superior quality meat Shetland produces. Through the facility, producers can humanely kill and butcher their own livestock for home use, to the highest professional standards. It also allows producers to add value to their finished products, selling direct to the consumer, retailer or wholesaler.

The SLMG abattoir also safeguards the provenance of Shetland meat. This is especially important for Shetland Lamb, which holds Protected Designation of Origin status and is a product of exceptional quality, flavour and nutritional characteristics. Excellent animal husbandry, Shetland’s pristine environment and the time honoured natural feeding and rearing techniques used by farmers and crofters throughout Shetland make for unique provenance and the finest quality across all our livestock.

The quality and unmistakable provenance of Shetland meat give local businesses a unique market strength, allowing them to compete and thrive in an extremely tough market. A collective approach to marketing livestock is also fundamental in supporting the local authorities and other public agencies in meeting the Scottish Government’s environmental targets by reducing food miles and furthering the sustainable land management practices used in Shetland.


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