Shetland Salt

Pure Shetland sea salt, harvested by hand. ‘SaatBrack’ is the dialect term for the salty spray and foam that comes off a breaking wave in Shetland’s nutrient-rich sea.

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Shetland is located at 60° North, in pristine waters, on one side lies the North Sea and on the other the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place of stunning cliffs and spectacular coastline. It has 1,700 miles of crystal-clear coastal waters with water visibility of 10-15 metres. Shetland is at the heart of Europe’s richest fishing grounds and these waters have long been synonymous with the premium quality seafood discerning chefs and fishmongers have come to expect from Shetland.

Shetland Salt is another wonderful natural resource the sea offers us here. First, local fishing boats draw pristine seawater on board. They sail a few miles offshore, to ensure there is no pollutant run-off from the shore, to areas around mussel farms, where the water is filtered naturally by the mussels.

Once ashore, Kaye and Laura Sandison, a mother and daughter team, carefully filter the water before it is evaporated to produce the pure hand-harvested salt crystals, contained in each jar of Shetland Salt.

Shetland salt, winner of a 2020 Great Taste Award, is currently available either natural or smoked. They hope to expand their range soon.

You can buy Shetland Salt locally from Scoop Wholefoods.


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