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Laurie Goodlad, the woman behind Shetland with Laurie, is a writer and tour guide, offering guided tours of Shetland, blog posts, travel-writing features and website copy. She writes a lively and informative blog about Shetland’s heritage and culture, and hosts a weekly podcast.

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Open all year round, email for availability.
Virtual, online tours and in-depth Shetland narratives can be accessed via Patreon.

Shetland with Laurie offers small-group guided tours and dedicated, personal tours. Laurie is a writer & podcaster, she also supplies features, blog articles and content to promote Shetland’s heritage and culture to a wide range of clients. You can follow her work on Patreon.

With a Masters degree in Museum and Gallery Studies from St Andrew’s University, Laurie Goodlad has many years of experience as a curator in Shetland’s museums. She is also a fully qualified, experienced Green Badge Guide for Shetland.

Come rain or shine, Laurie will give you a top class Shetland experience to remember. She’ll take you to all the places you’d never have found alone, she’ll help you to see Shetland through a local’s eyes and she’ll tell you the stories behind every intriguing piece of the puzzle you explore.

“Visitors want to have the best experience; they want to see Shetland through the eyes of a local. They want to taste the salt on their faces, smell the sea and feel the wind in their hair.”


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