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Shetlandeli make a range of award winning chutneys and relishes. They are part of Cope Ltd., a well established and successful social enterprise, based in Shetland.

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As part of Cope Ltd., Shetlandeli provide employment and skill development opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders. Giving people the opportunity to work in a supported environment. The entire team embrace a set of values that make the organisation all that it is, and result in great products, made by great people.

Shetlandeli’s delicious range of products are made by hand in small batches. They use as many local ingredients as possible, from Shetland’s wide offering of fresh local produce. Each of their chutneys and relishes has an excellent depth, complexity and balance of flavours. In 2019 they were awarded a 2-Star Great Taste Award for their Kishie Carrot & Cardamom Relish.

Their brand and product names are inspired by Shetland’s Scandinavian heritage and the strong influence that heritage still has on culture here today. Each of their products is named using dialect words or Shetland place names.

You can find their products in a range of local shops in Shetland and beyond, or buy direct from their online shop.


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