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Skibhoul Bakery produces delicious baked goods from their premises in Unst. Their General Stores stock everything an island community could need, from fresh Shetland fish and their own fresh bread to lightbulbs and trinkets.

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Monday-Saturday: 9-5:30

This historic Shetland bakery is also the UK’s most northerly. You can find their bread, buns and biscuits in many of the local shops all over Shetland.

What they are most famed for though, is their assortment of biscuits. The range includes their ever popular, slightly sweet, oatmeal biscuit, a delicious crunchy ‘Coffee Bun’ and their Oceanic oatcakes. The latter are made using just three ingredients, including pristine Shetland seawater! They are wheat-free, contain no additives of any kind, and are Vegetarian Society approved.

Through the Taste of Shetland online shop, people from near and far order their stocks of oatcakes, butter biscuits, coffee buns and Skibhoul’s most famous biscuit - The Balta Biscuit. These are made based on an original recipe for ship’s biscuit. Skibhoul’s have been making them for over 130 years. Many a Shetlander, far from home, dreams of a Balta biscuit ‘clined’ thick with Shetland butter!

Locally, you will find their wares at all good purveyors of biscuits and baked goods, and even in a few more unexpected places such as Thulecraft on Commercial Street, Lerwick.


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