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Sound Butchers Limited, established in 2020, has a fresh outlook on creating and delivering high quality produce within Shetland.

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Sound Butchers Limited
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The butchers shop, located at Rudda Park, Lerwick has everything you need to create an exciting meal. They also supply several independent retailers, restaurants, and cafes throughout Shetland.

Sound Butchers believe in keeping their products as pure as possible, that’s why they worked on new and innovative recipes to deliver a high-quality, fresh butchery selection. Their highly skilled team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a passion for butchery which allows them to create some amazing cuts of meat.

Working closely with Scholland Farm and the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group, they can assure their customers that their Local Beef, Lamb and Pork is of the highest quality and is as fresh as it gets.

They cook and slice their own deli meats onsite, where they use them in their products or pre-package them for sale. Their Deli team makes fresh sandwiches, wraps, salad boxes and pasta pots that are distributed to independent retailers throughout Shetland daily.

Ready meals are a big part of their cooked production. Using fresh meat from their butchery to produce tasty, high-quality “home-made” oven and microwave ready meals.

They also do fresh butchers pies daily! With an extensive range to offer such as the humble steak pie, butchers sausage roll, family steak pie or even a steak, black pudding and peppercorn sauce pie, they have it all!

They even make our very own Biltong!

With a South African at the reigns of the operation, they thought it would be rude not to include a delicacy from his homeland. Biltong is a healthy ready to eat snack packed full of protein that is made from the finest quality prime Shetland and Scottish meat. This is marinaded in their own blend of herbs and spices before being air cured.

Shetland Biltong launched in 2022 and has been a great success on the island. They are looking forward to launching their new website soon, where customers will be able to order for delivery across the UK.


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