The Hand-Made Fish Co

Bespoke, small batch, rare, artisan cold-smoked Shetland salmon, delivered straight to your door.

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Claver Cottage
Shetland Islands

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David Parham from the Hand Made Fish Co has been cold smoking Shetland salmon for over 25 years in his own custom designed and built smokers. He makes the sawdust for the smokers himself from carefully selected oak logs from the North of Scotland and smokes salmon he chooses himself directly from the packing station.

The salmon is aged for a number of days on fresh ice before he prepares them and dry salts the skinless sides. The salmon is then cold smoked for up to a week with lengthy resting periods between certain smokings.

This results in a unique, melt in the mouth smoked salmon sought after by customers who want a high quality, unique culinary experience.

David is very passionate about the product he makes, producing only very small quantities at a time with a work ethic more commonly found in high end Japanese sushi bars.

Tastings are available upon request. For sale locally or by mail order.

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