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Our salt cod is the best Bacalao/Bacalhau you can buy - the fine single malt of the salt fish world

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Our salt cod is a hand-crafted premium product for discerning customers. We only use cod from MSC accredited sustainable Shetland stocks, landed on Shetland by small, family owned boats. Go on, treat yourself to something special.

Thule Ventus salt cod is rooted in centuries-old island traditions, yet we present you with ready-to-soak cuts of skinned, filleted and boned cod. Our fish is from the pure waters around the Shetland Islands and is prepared by hand before being cured over six to eight weeks. The fish comes in sealed packs that can stay in your store cupboard for at least nine-months. We believe in provenance and are proud of our product and the men who catch it, so much so, that we print the name of the catching boat on each pack we sell.


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