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The Waas Bakery is one of Shetland’s much loved local bakeries. Located on the West mainland, they specialise in artisan breads, good, wholesome ‘real’ bread. They do a truly fabulous range of cakes and bakes too.

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Waas Bakery, in the village of Waas (Walls), has always been known for outstanding softies, rolls, oatcakes, water biscuits and a variety of fancies. In 2016 they introduced their ‘Real Bread’ range, made using only flour, water, salt and yeast it takes bread right back to its roots in time honoured traditions carried on by generations of master bakers.

The dough is fermented for almost 24 hours, which gives their bread a wonderfully rich and complex flavour, as well as that real ‘bread’ texture. This makes it not only delicious, but most food experts agree it is more nutritious as well. The artisan range includes Sourdough, Puckle loaf and Brown. They also make a very popular Tattie Bread, made using potatoes (tatties) grown in Waas, with Shetland butter, which results in a beautifully tender, toothsome white bread.

If you have a sweet tooth, their range includes something for everyone. A slice or two of their Curnie Birl, toasted for breakfast is a rare treat. Their ‘Shetland ‘Highlanders’ shortbread is made using 100% Shetland butter, for a really rich, complex flavour. Their range of cakes includes everything from black bun and battenburg to eclairs and cream filled yum yums.

They work hard to produce the highest quality baked goods, using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. You will find range of their products in shops across Shetland, or browse the Taste of Shetland online shop for a selection of their biscuits and oatcakes.


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