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We strive to provide the highest quality baked goods, using as many locally produced ingredients as possible.

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Waas Bakery has been known for many years for outstanding softies and other rolls, oatcakes, water biscuits and a variety of fancies. In 2016 we introduced ‘Real Bread’ - using only flour, water, salt and yeast - in several varieties (Sourdough, Puckle, Brown). The dough is fermented for nearly 24 hours, which ensures a wonderfully rich and complex flavour, as well as genuine ‘bread’ texture. It makes it not only delicious, but most food experts agree it is more nutritious as well. We also make a very popular Tattie Braed using potatoes grown in Waas along with Shetland butter, which results in a beautifully tender and toothsome white bread.

Our shortbread is made using 100% Shetland butter, providing an incomparably rich, complex flavour. Called Shetland ‘ighlanders , it has been a big hit.


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