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Duke of Rothesay meets Shetland Food and Drink representatives

August 4th 2021 | by Shetland Food and Drink in News

Shetland Food and Drink members met The Duke of Rothesay on his lunchtime visit to Lerwick Town Hall last Friday, 30th July.

Michael Tait of the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group explained that 80% of Scottish mussels are produced in Shetland, whilst Jonny Sandison of Lerwick Brewery showcased their environmentally friendly products and packaging. Shetland Food and Drink manager, Claire White, gifted The Duke Taste of Shetland merchandise including a Shetland food words peenie and local seafood recipe cards.

Tait said: "It was fantastic to meet The Duke and explain the virtues of our type of aquaculture to him. He took great interest in the fact that we grow healthy, low carbon footprint, MSC certified mussels while helping remove nutrients from the sea."

For Sandison, the event was a fantastic opportunity to explain how Shetland's drinks sector operates: "The Duke asked interesting questions about Lerwick Brewery's production processes and it's clear that sustainable business practices matter to him," he said.

Promotion company Shetland Food and Drink Ltd was delighted to co-ordinate this particular aspect of The Duke of Rothesay's Shetland visit. Claire White explained: "This was a unique opportunity to showcase the breadth and quality of Shetland food and drink to someone who takes a keen interest in our sector. We talked about local lamb, kye, aquaculture and drinks, hopefully leaving The Duke inspired to explore Shetland produce further."

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