Exciting Year Ahead for Shetlandeli

16 January 2018

Shetlandeli make award-winning chutneys and relishes but, not only that, they are a social enterprise too. Here they talk about their aspirations for 2018.


Shetlandeli was taken over by Shetland-based social enterprise COPE Ltd in the summer of 2017. COPE aleady had an already established catering business, Shetland Kitchen Co, which proudly provides great food, handmade in their kitchen. So they felt having Shetlandeli was going to be a great combination. The team at Shetland Kitchen Co have really enjoyed the last six months, learning how to make all the Shetlandeli range. It has been very busy, keeping up with demand.

A highlight so far was attending the Taste of Shetland Food Festival in September 2017; it was a great opportunity to meet some of Shetlandeli’s existing customers face to face, and for them to learn about the new ownership. ‘Kishie’, their Carrot and Cardamom Relish, usually only available in small sizes, was launched in a large jar. Customers had the opportunity to try with some poppadums and that seemed to be the winning formula. It proved very popular and after just six hours it was completely sold out. Lots of great business connections were made at the Taste of Shetland event in September, so Shetlandeli are keen to build on these further in 2018.


Even though it is only early into the New Year, Shetlandeli are already dealing with enquiries from distributors and stockists in Europe and America. However, their first priority is expanding the retail customers in Shetland and the Scottish mainland and the possibility of attending food fairs on the mainland. Shetlandeli are also looking forward to any future Taste of Shetland events across Shetland. The opportunity to bring Shetlandeli to social enterprise events on the Scottish mainland throughout the year is also something they are planning for.

Shetlandeli are keen to hear from any businesses who would like to stock their products or chefs who would use the range within their menu. Shetlandeli is proud to be part of one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises, COPE Ltd, providing employment and employment skill development for adults with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorders.

Find out more about Shetlandeli or to purchase online visit www.shetlandeli.com.
Find out more about COPE Ltd at www.cope.ltd.uk
Or you can view their profile in our producers section.



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