Happy Februdairy

16 February 2018

Fiona Nicholson explains why Shetland Farm Dairies' products are so special.

When you use our products you can rest assured that they have come from the fruits of the love of our c. 240 cows who munch on good clean Shetland grass. Our cows bask in the light during Shetland's long summer days and stay out of the nippy wind in the winter months, all the while being cared for by a dedicated team of farm staff and family members who make up the membership of our co-operatively-owned dairy.


Having small herds mean that the farmers know each of their cows and can care for their every need. Food can be rationed to those that need it and treats given in moderation – something that we all could benefit from. The care doesn’t end at the farm gate. With only a few miles from the farm to the processing plant, our product gets there in as delicious a state as when it left the parlour. The milk is processed within 24 hours of milking and heads straight out to the shops in many instances. A small, experienced team of staff at the Dairy process milk, butter and buttermilk in small batches with care and attention to detail getting the best, freshest and purest products to you. Fresh dairy products are good for you and your family.

There are many reasons to eat butter – it’s better for heart health than some oil-based spreads and is a source of fat-soluble vitamins, rich in vital cholesterol and of course, given that ours is perfectly churned with the merest amount of salt added to preserve it naturally, it is delicious! Our butter is hand finished in 250g pots and can be posted out to customers throughout the UK through the Taste of Shetland Online Shop.



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