Meet Our New Members

21 February 2018

This month's new members are two of Shetland's oldest food and drink businesses, with combined experience of over 190 years!

Our list of Full Members is growing all the time and includes Shetland's most successful and ambitious food businesses. This month we have added two more important Shetland businesses to our list.

Sandwick Bakery is a traditional family bakery, crafting products using traditional recipes handed down in over 100 years of trading. They are proud to produce many of Shetland's heritage products, including Beremeal Bannocks. Find out more about them here.

Scalloway Meat Company is one of Shetland's biggest retailers of local beef and lamb. Established since 1925, it buys its local meat from over 30 crofters and farmers, bringing delicious locally-reared meat to dinner tables across Shetland and beyond. Find our more about them here.

We are delighted to have them both as members.


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