On our friend, Bruce Gilardi

6 February 2018

We are shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Bruce Gilardi. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, employees and everyone who knew him. Bruce had only been in Shetland 18 months, a place he was in the process of making his home. He was proud of his Shetland connections and family heritage. He fully embraced Shetland and threw himself into overcoming the challenges that came his way. He was passionate about Shetland, and about Waas in particular, not only a fan of local food but also of knitwear. In just a short space of time he transformed Waas Bakery in line with his vision - to create an artisan bakery producing high quality bread. Bruce was exceptionally well traveled and took his inspiration from all over the world - including France and his native America. His creativity as a baker and his drive to succeed was really paying off, and his products had developed a loyal following locally. We will miss his determination, creativity and ambition. Not only have we lost a friend, we have lost an inspirational food producer.


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