Pan fried Monk's cheeks with cauliflower rice

5 September 2019

Try Kenny's amazing dish

Allow about 1/2 kg of monk’s cheeks for four people.

Remove the grey membrane.

For the coating: two tablespoons of corn flour, teaspoon salt and a heaped teaspoon of nanami togarashi seasoning, coat the monk’s cheeks and fry in rapeseed oil till golden and crispy.

 For the carrot/orange/butter sauce, 3/4 cup of carrot juice, juice and pulp of one large orange, just bring to the boil and a add two large knobs of butter and simmer briefly. The sauce should be quite thin and just lightly drizzled on the monk’s cheeks.

 For the cauliflower “rice” two small or one large cauliflower head, take off the florets and blitz in a processor or grate on a coarse grater till the size of rice grains, cook in a covered frying pan with just enough water to steam the grains for approx. five minutes , add one sweet pointed red pepper diced into 1cm square bits and a hand full of frozen peas , cook a further two minutes without a lid to dry out the mixture a bit. Push to one side to clear a bit of the pan for the eggs, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and two eggs, scramble till cooked then stir through the cauliflower, season well with salt and black pepper to taste.

 Thank you to Island Fish for supplying our demonstrators with fresh produce.


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