Shetland lamb film now online

7 April 2020

Shetland lamb is renowned worldwide for its exceptional flavour. It enjoys Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status and locals pride themselves on the way in which meat is produced in the isles. Lauraine Manson is manager of Shetland abattoir and in this three minute film she explains to visitors from the Scottish Women's Institutes summer school how animals are processed locally. A whole native lamb is boned and rolled to deliver twice as many servings as butchering for chops, roasts, mince and other cuts. Chair of Shetland Food and Drink, Marian Armitage, stuffs and cooks the lamb supplied by Lauraine, demonstrating the versatility and value of this delicious local product.

Please note that this film contains description of animal slaughter, images of animal carcasses, and a butchery demonstration.

Production is by Keiba Film With thanks to Shetland Livestock Marketing Group.

Click here to watch.


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