Shetland Wants More!

20 July 2018

Shetland loves locally-produced food and drink. We've been finding out what Shetland customers are wanting more of. Here are the results of our research.

Our Pop-up has been a hive of activity this summer. Folk visiting have loved to see the range of produce on offer. We've been taking time to ask them not only what they are buying but what they would like to see more of and the results are really interesting. So if you are a budding producer - or are a more established producer - why not try making something new? We'd love to pilot new products at the Pop-up - or you could use the Taste of Shetland Festival to test the market. And if you are thinking of becoming a producer or diversifying your current range, there is financial and business advice support available. If you're interested, we'd be happy to put you in touch with organisations that can help. See below what Shetlanders are asking for...


Fish Products - it seems Shetland cannot get enough of high quality fish and shellfish products. Whether it's pate, smoked fish and shellfish, fishcakes and more, these are all in great demand.

Cheese - this product comes high on Shetlanders' list. They are crying out for Shetland cheese. They don't want to buy cheeses from other parts of the UK - they want Shetland-made cheese, whether its soft, hard, strong, mild, goat's, cow's or sheep's cheese.


Gluten free products - Shetland customers say they would like to see more locally-produced gluten-free treats, whether it's bakery, oatcakes, sweet treats, fishcakes and more. Gluten free products are high on their 'wish lists'.

Vegetables, fruit and herbs - these are products which Shetlanders really want more of. Every time we have Shetland-grown produce on the shelf in the Pop-up, they sell out immediately. There is a shortage of supply and customers want more! There are grants available for those who are interested in growing fresh produce on a commercial basis.

Eggs - whilst local hen's eggs are readily available across Shetland, there is a high demand for ducks' and goose eggs.

Ice cream and yoghurt - people regularly ask us if they can buy locally-made yoghurt and ice cream.

Cakes - Shetlanders love their cakes and sweet treats and there is definitely demand for different types of cakes and desserts made from local produce.


Joanne Williams, Assistant Manager, Shetland Food and Drink, says:

"Demand for locally-produced food and drink is rising all the time. There's the opportunity to make sure that even more of Shetland's weekly shop is made on the islands and not imported. So it's a fantastic time for food producers. If you are new to food production and want to find out what support is available, please do get in touch."


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