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Thirteen new members sign up

June 30th 2020

A diverse range of 13 local businesses have signed up as new members of Shetland Food and Drink (SFAD) as the organisation urges isles firms to present a united front in the face of difficult economic times.

Three new producers – Garths Croft, Good Nude Food and Nourished by Kitty – have signed up, along with Bigton Community Shop, Bigton Hall, Coffee Culture in Lerwick and RS Henderson in Cullivoe.

Tour group providers Shetland Wool Adventures, Island Vista and Shetland With Laurie have also come on board, as well as accommodation providers Bo’s B&B, Valleyfield Guest House and Hayhoull B&B.

Over the summer SFAD will redouble efforts to promote the virtues of shopping locally and making the most of the bountiful array of fresh food and drink produced within the islands.

Special discounted rates have been introduced as part of a drive to widen SFAD’s umbrella, with associate membership available for £25 for the rest of the calendar year. Discounts are also on offer for businesses that wish to become full members . SFAD now has a total of 66 members.

SFAD board chairwoman Marian Armitage said that, in addition to helping publicise and support members' activities through this time of great uncertainty, the organisation would be urging businesses to seek to maximise their use of other local suppliers, producers and outlets.

“We’re delighted to welcome new members from a range of related businesses,” Armitage said. “We want to raise the profile of Shetland food and drink as widely as we can – and celebrate the variety of businesses that are passionate about good Shetland food.”

Members will benefit from promotion through SFAD’s Taste of Shetland website and its rapidly growing social media platforms.

SFAD manager Claire White said: “Now more than ever, Shetland businesses need to move together and keep networking, developing and supporting one another, and to help do that we are eager to bring the broadest possible range of businesses into the fold."

While it is likely to be 2021 before tourists return to the islands in significant numbers, White said the SFAD board felt it was important to encourage tour guides and accommodation providers to ensure their visitors enjoy the very best producers and eateries Shetland has to offer.

“There’s never been a more important time for local accommodation providers to consider, where appropriate, the food they serve to their guests," she said. 

“One thing we are sure of is that 100 per cent of visitors to Shetland are food tourists, and we have a choice about whether they have a mass market experience or something that speaks of the islands uniquely.”

  • You can find out more about the benefits of signing up as a Shetland Food & Drink group member here .

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