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Da Kitchen Bakery is a traditional artisanal bakery supplying high quality produce to a variety of Shetland retailers and cafes

Based in the North Isles in Yell, we bake and deliver fresh bread , pies, savouries, baked goods and confectionery five days a week, giving customers daily access to the freshness and quality expected from a high-class bakers and confectioners outlet. We are proud to support other Shetland food producers and use only Shetland Farm Dairy produce in our bakery. We also use locally-made preserves, along with free-range eggs and - where possible - local meat. Started in Shetland five years ago, supplying just three outlets, we have grown at a rapid pace. We now supply across Shetland's mainland and islands in nearly 20 outlets, including Unst and Fetlar.

As a Master Baker for nearly 40 years, Steve Thompson and his wife Sarah employ a small team of part-time co-workers in Burravoe in Yell. We operate to a simple philosophy - we want our food to taste great, taste fresh and burst with flavour. We believe you really can taste that our products are made from scratch, with skill experience and a passion for what we do.

We are very proud of the nutritious bread that so many of our customers enjoy; it is additive- and preservative-free, with every loaf being hand-moulded each morning (around 4am) by Steve. Simple ingredients and time-proven methods deliver a traditional loaf made in small batches. This bread comes in three varieties - white, 100% wholemeal or barley malted. We also make an enriched sweet fruit loaf using a traditional Lunn recipe. Along with bread, we also bake fresh sweet and savoury scones and fruit pies five days a week.

Another popular line is our pies and savouries, all of which are made with our own gravies and sauces, all made by us from scratch - no packet mixes allowed! We also make a Shetland speciality - a Reestit Mutton pie.

Our sweet confectionery line is extensive and widely varied, including many traditional lines remaining ever-popular with our customers. We are also currently the only bakery making fresh-cream cakes and trifles, which are very popular across every outlet that takes them. They are Britain's most northerly-produced fresh cream cakes!

We love great food - if we didn't, we wouldn't start at 2am every day to ensure our customers get the freshness and flavour we believe our customers really can taste. Simple.



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