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A range of unique loose leaf herbal teas blended by local medical herbalist Suze Walker

Suze Walker has created a range of loose leaf herbal teas which have been carefully blended to taste great and make you feel good. The plants she uses have been sustainably sourced and are organic where possible. Suze also tries to incorporate into her blends plants which she has grown herself or wild harvested locally.

There are four standard blends available at present and seasonal blends will be introduced throughout the year. The four blends are:

Pick-Me-Up - An energising tea designed to give you a little lift when energy levels dip - key herbs include nettle and gotu kola

Fire in the Belly - A blend for the digestive system to help ease the symptoms of heartburn - key herbs include marshmallow and liquorice

Go with the Flow - All the herbs in this blend have an affinity with the urinary system - key herbs include cornsilk and goldenrod

Flower Power - A relaxing blend of five flowers designed to help you chill out and unwind - key herbs include chamomile and rose