Sandwick Baking CompanyFull Member

We are a traditional family bakery, crafting products using traditional recipes handed down in over 100 years of trading

We have been trading for over 100 years and pride ourselves on our traditional Shetland recipes. Our Water Biscuits, Butter Biscuits, Plain Oatcakes, Wheaten Scones and our Traditional Girdle Bannocks are all crafted using the same recipe and methods, all created by hand as the Bakers did all those years ago.

Beremeal Bannocks were part of the Shetlanders' staple diet and our bakers still produce these either in a whole round or individual Bannocks made to the traditional recipe. The taste is very different to conventional bread and is wonderful spread with Shetland Butter. Soda Bread is our most recent additional to our craft breads with our Cottage Breads and Farls remaining firm favourites. The Sandwick Softies are still our most popular product with the recipe and method being passed on down through the Bakers. Our Bakers learn their trade both on the job and gaining their qualifications through the Scottish Bakers Federation, of which we are long-standing members.

Our confectioners produce a wide variety of cakes and fancies, many from the old bakers' hand-written recipe books, like our Gingerbread and Albert Squares, German Buns (known as Cat's Buns locally) and Apple Charlottes, all made by hand with no additives or preservatives. Sandwick Bakery Pies are made in our ‘Pie Room’ fresh from scratch every day – our range includes Steak, Mince, Chicken and Macaroni. New products are developed here with our Pork and Black Pudding Sausage Rolls our most recent innovation.

The Bakery Kitchen is kept busy making our filled savoury items, such as sandwiches, filled rolls, wraps and baguettes. This keeps our Shop, which is attached to the Bakery, well stocked for our regular customers and many visitors to our vibrant and thriving village of Sandwick.

We wholesale all our bakery produce out to other retailers and foodservice customers throughout Shetland on a daily basis – from Unst to Fair Isle, Skerries to Walls.