Scottish Shellfish BraeFull Member

Scottish Shellfish Brae is a Cooperative Shellfish Processor supplying the finest quality shellfish to food businesses throughout the UK.

Trading mainly in Mussels and Scallops from Shetland, the business also trades in other species such as oysters and crab. Our member mussel farms are situated in the pristine seas and sheltered sea lochs around the Shetland coastline, where we sustainably grow our mussels on ropes and sustainably fish our scallops from day boats in the North Sea around Shetland.

Scottish Shellfish Brae processes upwards of 35 tonnes of mussels per week and our local landings of scallops employ 30 people. Managed by George Hirbakis, the business unit in Brae is part of Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, a cooperative of mussel and oyster farmers. As the UK's premier producer of finest quality shellfish we believe the quality of our mussels, scallops, oysters and other shellfish lies in the passion of our farmers and fishermen who cultivate and catch the produce we sell.

A highly innovative business, the sister factory in Bellshill processes mussels sourced from Shetland and the Scottish West Coast into added value products that can be bought in supermarkets all over the UK.