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Both Shetland's abattoir and mart are essential elements of both the agricultural industry as well as the economy of Shetland

The mart provides the opportunity for farmers and crofters to market their produce to their best advantage, whilst also allowing true price discovery for their stock.

The abattoir fulfils multiple roles. Firstly, it allows producers to either kill and butcher their own livestock for home use in a professional, humane manner or add value to their products by selling direct to the consumer, retailer or wholesaler. Secondly, the abattoir allows the provenance of Shetland meat to be maintained - especially the Protected Designation of Origin of Shetland Lamb. Thirdly, the combination of local meat quality and clear provenance provides local businesses with a unique point of difference such that they can compete with supermarkets and imported meats. Fourthly, the resulting improved ‘public goods’ can help Local Authorities and public agencies meet Scottish Government targets in the form of environmental benefits through the reduction in food miles and land management practices undertaken on Shetland.


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