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‘SaatBrack’ means the spray and foam from the breaking surge of the nutrient-rich Shetland sea water.

Located between the pristine waters of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean at 60 degrees north, Shetland is a place with stunning cliffs and spectacular coastline. It has 1,700 miles of crystal-clear waters with visibility of almost 10-15 metres. This nutrient-rich sea water is home to premium quality seafood which exceeds every chef's expectation at top restaurants, hotels and fish mongers around the world.

Shetland Salt collects this pristine seawater from fishing boats. They sail a few miles offshore, near mussel farms which naturally filter water, which also ensures there are no pollutant run-offs from the shore. The water is carefully filtered, evaporated and the resulting salt hand-harvested to give nothing but pure salt crystals.

Available to buy from : Scoop Wholefoods, Toll Clock Shopping Centre, Lerwick, Shetland.


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