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We make a delicious range of chutneys and relishes to our own award-winning recipes. We are proud to be part of the very successful social enterprise COPE, based in Shetland.

Shetlandeli is pretty special. As part of COPE Ltd, it believes in social inclusion and therefore provides people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders the opportunity to work in a supported environment. The entire team embrace a set of values that sets the organisation apart from others and results in products that are made with real pride.

All our products are made to locally-developed recipes. in small batches, by hand, at COPE Ltd’s catering business Shetland Kitchen Co. We want to bring you a delicious range of good quality products, using (where possible) local ingredients, inspired by Shetland’s wider fresh and very special food offering.

We're passionate about our islands' heritage. Shetland was owned by Scandinavia until the 15th century – a link that is still evident today. So we have taken inspiration from our unique Scandinavian culture in the creation of our brand, and each of our products takes its name from Shetland words or place names.

Muckle Flugga Piccalilli is named after a dramatic rock at the far north of Shetland and one of the most stunning sights in Britain – the UK’s most northerly point after the neighbouring rock, Out Stack. Next stop directly north is the Arctic.

In Norse mythologyValhalla was the enormous hall in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Valhalla is also the name of the UK’s most northerly brewery, situated on Unst, Shetland’s northernmost island, whose craft beer forms an essential ingredient in our Valhalla Ale chutney.

Our Taing Onion Marmalade, has taken its name from a seemingly unremarkable small tidal island called Taing at the beautiful beach Norwick in Unst. Next to Taing, is a shallow trench. It's here you can see where a section of the earth's crust from beneath the ocean collided with an ancient continent 420 million years ago – an area of great geological interest.

Spiggie beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the south mainland of Shetland, here our Spiggie Courgette Relish takes its name. In the past, Spiggie beach was famous for being lined with Yoals (traditional fishing boats) – salted fish was an essential part of the Shetland diet. However, since marinas were built in Shetland in the Seventies and Eighties, the sight of boats drawn up on the beach is now a rare one.

Our newest product, Kishie Carrot and Cardomom Relish, is named after the Kishie baskets which were traditionally used in Shetland for carrying everything from peat to fish and even, on occasion, small children!

Shetland food is the very best and Shetlandeli is committed to maintaining the culture and commitment to excellence.

Great taste from the far North.