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The V Bird is a new company, creating delicious Vegan produce.

Having been vegan for 30 years and having given presents of vegan produce to friends and family members for many years, I was encouraged to try offering my food creations to a wider audience. And so V Bird was born!

The V Bird range currently includes :

Eight flavours of vegan mayonnaise – Plain, Lime and Coriander, Lemon, Lemon and Tarragon, Chilli Tomato, Sun dried tomato and Basil, Aleoli and Mild Curry.

A selection of high-leaf, lower-oil content pestos – Tarragon, Rocket and Orange, Basil, Lemon and Rocket and Chilli Tomato.

Several vegan bean dips using organic beans and pulses, fresh leaves and spices.

‘Nightingale’s Notella’ - a healthier chocolate spread made from organic dates, organic cocoa, organic nut butter and sometimes with added natural flavours to excite the palette. A yummy alternative to some of the high sugar, high saturated fat products that are on the market.

V Bird also create a range of healthier vegan home baked goods such as caramel chocolate flapjacks, chocolate orange fudge brownies and cherry almond slices.

All V Bird products are free from saturated fat and cholesterol. As far as possible, natural sugars are used in the form of organic date syrup or organic coconut blossom nectar. Although the company is totally vegan, the products available are suitable for anyone who has an intolerance or allergy to eggs or dairy products. The products are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers as nuts are used in some of the recipes produced on the premises.