Shetland is a foodie paradise...

Did you know, more than a quarter of all fish landed in Scotland is landed in Shetland?

Whilst Shetland is an archipelago consisting of 300 islands and skerries, wedged between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is not just the abundance of fresh seafood that puts us on the map.

Living off unique pasture, our lamb is renowned worldwide for its exceptional flavour and enjoys Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status.

Shetland Black heritage potatoes are a toothsome treat too. Developed in the Victorian era, this fluffy variety is excellent sautéed and makes superior chips to go with local fish!

Shetland’s culinary heritage is strong, and so is contemporary food culture which has never felt more exciting for those who live here. 

From Puffin Poo (not bird droppings, but a delightful sweet treat!) to Shetland Reel gin - so popular it has now made its way into many major British supermarkets - islanders are presenting local ingredients in new ways to surprise and delight.

If you're visiting, then we have a burgeoning local restaurant scene supported by a host of artisans sharing their creations, from seafood specialists to chocolatiers.

Visitors to Shetland can now experience this delectable produce at source by using the Shetland Food and Drink Guide to chart their own culinary course around the isles.

Whether you want to catch mackerel and cook it outdoors in the fresh sea air, enjoy the aroma of roasting Shetland lamb, or sip rhubarb sparkling wine to celebrate that extra special occasion, Shetland is the place to re-connect with quality, natural goodness.

Taste Shetland for yourself

You’ll never know just how good our produce is until you taste it for yourself in Shetland.

To experience a flavour of the isles visit Loganair and fly from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness or from further afield via Loganair’s airline partners including British Airways.

Shetland Lamb


Rhubarb Sparkling Wine

Winter Picnic


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